About us

Efforts for Good is a community of socially conscious individuals and nonprofits who are committed to bring positive changes in the society.

Our goal is to
leverage the strengths of a community for social causes.

Efforts For Good is a community of socially conscious individuals and nonprofit organisations who are committed to bringing positive changes in the society.

Efforts For Good is a collective action towards the betterment of the society. At EFG, we provide a platform where individuals come together to make sure a campaign raises funds successfully and creates the intended impact for the person or the organisation at the receiving end.

There are already people out there who aren’t reluctant to help and are always up for doing their bit. We have many good people out there who care for others, are empathetic and feel strongly for a particular cause, it’s time all of these people unite. All they need is a reliable and responsible mechanism at place that wouldn’t let them down and reinforce their beliefs in community service and donations. And hence - EFG is here.


Pixels together form a beautiful picture. When there is a need of huge amount of money to solve a problem, it is difficult for a single individual to contribute towards the whole fund. Imagine if there were a large number of socially conscious individuals willing to fund that cause then there won't be a burden on just one individual, and the problem too will be solved.

the power of many

How are we different?

Verified and Genuine NGOs

NGOs are on-boarded on Efforts For Good after undergoing a stringent background check of their legal, financial and on-ground activities.

Compulsory campaign Video

We want our donors’ hard-earned money is donated to credible and genuine NGOs. Every campaign on Efforts For Good is introduced with a video. You will be able to get a clear understanding of the problem and also get an idea where the funds are being utilised.

Track the progress and donations

Every campaign has a timeline which will help you understand clearly what is happening with your money. The timeline is regularly updated with videos and images with an explanation about the progress of the campaign until it is closed successfully.

More than donating

Efforts For Good not only gives you the opportunity to donate to the causes you hold dear to your heart but also gives an opportunity to volunteer for the cause.

Professional Fundraising Pages

You are provided with a page where you can tell your story in a clear and compelling way for a wide range of donors to help your cause using secure payment methods.

Unique Campaign Page

The campaign is loaded with a “before” video and a timeline feature. The video gives you more flexibility to showcase the issue. It gives more confidence to the individuals to donate for the cause.

Visibility and wide reach

EFG has partnered with various media houses and also with high visibility Facebook pages to help you reach out to a new audience who can be the potential donors for your cause.


Credibility is one of the important factors which is considered before contributing to an NGO. To increase the credibility of every campaign on the platform a video straight from the ground is used. Also, all the NGOs go through a strict background check.