Small Deeds.
when multiplied by millions
Transform the world

Our Assurance

Efforts For Good aims is to provide a reliable online donation platform for individuals who want to donate for a cause. We value the trust donors have on us. We will make sure that the donated funds are utilised effectively, bringing long-term sustainable impact to the beneficiaries.

How do we make sure?


NGOs are on-boarded on Efforts For Good after verification of their legal and financial compliances.

Campaign Financials

Full transparency about funds raised and utilisation.


Regular updates are provided to the donors on the progress of the campaign completion on-ground. Every campaign has a timeline which can help you understand clearly what is happening with the campaign. The timeline is regularly updated with videos and images along with full explanation of what is happening till the campaign is closed successfully.


Our team visits the campaign site physically, talks to the beneficiaries and shoots a video that is shared with everyone.