The Glass Is Half-Filled At All Pune Restaurants, In A Bid To Save The Planet

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If you are waiting for your food at a restaurant in Pune, the waiter might serve you only half a glass of water. Before we mentally anticipate a negative feedback or embark on a philosophical thinking spree about the old half-full, half-empty paradox, we should know the truth.

With the city confronting a severe water shortage, nearly 400 restaurants and eateries across Pune have unanimously decided to curb water wastage at the root. From now onwards, they will serve only half-filled glasses of water at a time. Also, they will not refill your glasses unless you specifically request.

Steps taken by Pune Restaurant and Hoteliers Association (PRAHA)

President of Pune Restaurant and Hoteliers Association (PRAHA), Ganesh Shetty shared with PTI that adopting this policy of ‘half-filled water glass’ in his restaurant is allowing them to save 800 litres of water every day, reported BBC News. About 100 millilitres of water is wasted per customer on an average, which adds up to a substantial water wastage at the end of the day. Henceforth, only half glasses of water will be served, and leftover, if any, will be filtered to water plants or clean the floors. Special containers will also be provided where a customer can pour his or her excess water, to be reused later in other secondary purposes. Similar measures were adopted by the association two years ago as well when Pune was undergoing a drought-like condition. “For two months in February and March, our water supply was reduced by half. We got water once in two days,” Shetty recalled.

To garner widespread awareness, the association is printing ‘theme cards’ which will be displayed at restaurants for the customers’ understanding and cooperation. These cards will be distributed among 4000+ restaurants and hotels across Pune.

Other water conservation measures by hotels

“We will now discontinue the practice of topping up the glasses every time they take a few sips. Instead, we would ask them if they need a refill,” declared a lounge owner in Koregaon Park, Pune, talking to The Times Of India.

Poona Guest House has undertaken another innovative measure to save water. Instead of taller steel tumblers, they are serving water in smaller-sized glasses. Some of the restaurants are also planning to promote the use of packaged drinking water in place of free water to curb wastage and convey the message that water is a valuable necessity.

Not only drinking water, but some restaurateurs have also gone a step ahead by controlling the water flow from washroom taps.

“Every drop is precious and we have to act now if we want to save the future,” Shetty was quoted by BBC.

At a time when many parts of the country are battling water crisis, such a move is highly appreciated. Efforts For Good hopes such measures are replicated across all cities in India.

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