Frequently Asked Questions

About Efforts For Good

What is “Efforts For Good”?

Efforts For Good (EFG) is an initiative that connects socially conscious citizens and NGOs to bring positive changes in the lives of many across the world. Read more at About Us.

In simple words “Efforts For Good” means collective action towards creating a better world. We provide a platform for everyone to contribute funds for a cause they wish to support.

What is crowdsourced funding?

Crowdsourced funding is a practice of raising small amounts of contributions from a large number of people for a cause.


How is Efforts For Good different from other similar platforms?

  1. Handpicked Campaigns: We only feature campaigns which are handpicked after an extensive background check of the NGOs.
  2. Compliance: NGOs are on-boarded on Efforts For Good after thorough verification of their legal and financial compliances.
  3. Compulsory campaign Video: We want to make sure our donors’ hard-earned money is given to credible and genuine NGOs. That’s why every campaign on Efforts For Good is introduced with a video which helps you get a clearer understanding of the problem. Our team visits the campaign site physically, talks to the beneficiaries and shoots the video. Also, we will update you with an after-video which shows how your donations transformed lives.
  4. Track the progress and donations: Every campaign on Efforts For Good has a timeline which will help you clearly understand what is happening with your money. The timeline is regularly updated with videos and images with an explanation about the progress of the campaign until it is closed successfully. You can also find your name and contributed amount on the list of donors.
  5. Verification: Our team visits the campaign site physically, talks to the beneficiaries and shoots a video that is shared with everyone.
  6. More than donating: Efforts For Good not only enables you to donate to the cause close to your heart but also gives you an opportunity to volunteer.

Donating to a campaign

How can I donate to a campaign?

Step 1:
Login via Facebook/Gmail or you can register with Efforts For Good

Step 2:
After logging in, visit the campaign page you wish to donate to and click on “Contribute”. You will be redirected to the payment page. Fill in the details and pay.

You will receive an acknowledgement mail from EFG after successful payment.

What are the different ways I can contribute to the campaign?


  • Funding the campaign .
  • Spreading the word about the campaign among your contacts.
  • Sharing the campaign on your social media profiles.

How can I believe the NGOs featured on this website are genuine?

NGOs on Efforts For Good undergo thorough background-check for legal and financial compliance.

Additionally, you can also go through the campaign’s description as well as website and social media handles of the concerned NGO to get an idea about the organisation.

In case if you have any more queries, you can always write to the campaigner and get the required details.

Is my contributions tax deductible?

Contributions made to campaigns started by NGOs which have the 80G certificate are tax deductible. Please note that Efforts For Good doesn’t provide any tax exemption certificate.

How can I approach the campaigner if I have any queries or want more information?

Each campaign on EFG is provided with a “Have A Question?” form. Kindly fill the form and submit. The campaigner will get back to you with more information.

Can I contribute to a campaign without registration?

Absolutely! Just click on the “Contribute” button, fill in the required details and pay.

Can I donate anonymously?

No, we are working to bring it forth soon.

What do I do if my transaction fails?

Kindly write to us at [email protected] with all the details – transaction ID, the screenshot of the payment page and other relevant information. We will get back to you within 24 hours

How do I track the updates of the campaign I donated to?

Every campaign is equipped with the “Timeline” feature. The timeline is updated regularly with the progress of the work until the campaign is closed successfully. As and when the campaigner updates the campaign, all the donors will receive an email with all the details.

Suggest A Campaign

Coming soon

Non Government Organisation registrations

Who are eligible to run a campaign on Efforts For Good?

To safeguard the interests of the donors, only vetted non-profit organisations can run a campaign on Efforts For Good platform.

What is the process for an NGO to register on EFG?

Step 1: Visit https://effortsforgood.org/register/
Step 2: Register as an NGO
Step 3: Fill all the details
Step 4: Submit.
Our team will get in touch with you for further information.

Kindly keep the following documents ready

  • Registration certificate/Trust Deed/Society Deed
  • Pan Card copy
  • 80 G certificate (if applicable)
  • TAX returns of previous years
  • Audit reports
  • Bank Account details in India
  • Cancelled bank cheque
  • Key individuals photos
  • Beneficiaries stories


Suggesting a campaign


“Suggest A Campaign” work is in progress.

What are the prerequisites to start a campaign?

  • The campaign should fall in any one of the categories mentioned on EFG.
  • The campaign should have a concrete outcome.
  • The same campaign shouldn’t be on any other similar platforms.

What are the causes for which funds can be raised?

  • Art & Craft
  • Animals
  • Children
  • Community
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Rural Development
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Tech & Innovation

What is the procedure to start a campaign?

Step 1: Visit “Suggest A Campaign”
Step 2: Fill in the details
Step 3: Submit

We will get back to you for further details if needed.

Note: “Suggest A Campaign” work is in progress.

What details should be submitted while starting a campaign?

Following are the details compulsory for submitting the campaign:

  • About the campaign: Donors perceive the campaign based on the information you provide here. Kindly include as much information as possible about the campaign in a very succinct way.
  • Short description: When people share your campaign this brief description is shared along with the campaign link – it gives a basic overview about your campaign so that people are intrigued to find out more about the same.
  • Budget breakup: Here, you’re required to mention the detailed budget breakup of the campaign clearly with all the components.
  • Campaign address: Clear address mentioning where the campaign is based out of and/or where the beneficiaries reside.
  • Cause category: Select the category under which your campaign falls.
  • Video pitch: Video which explains your campaign from the ground level and conveys the idea behind your campaign effectively.
  • Address of the campaign location, i.e. where the beneficiaries of the campaign are located.
    Background story of the beneficiaries
  • Background stories of the beneficiaries

Our campaign does not fit into any category, whom should we approach?

Kindly drop us a mail at [email protected]

How many days will it take for the campaign to go live after approval?

After you receive a confirmation mail from us, you have 10 days to prepare your pitch video and campaign plan. If you have everything in place, the campaign can go live asap.

Is there is an end date for the campaign?

A campaign can run for a maximum of 6 months, after which the campaign is closed automatically.

Can the organisation accept foreign funds?


What kind of projects does EFG not accept?

EFG doesn’t accept campaigns which:


  • are not backed by organisations
  • are political and religious in nature
  • are aimed at meeting the operational cost of the organisation

Where can I find my campaign draft?

Click on your profile picture on the top right corner. You will find your campaign draft under “Suggest a campaign” section. You can make changes to the campaign details before it gets approved.

Submitting the campaign for approval

What happens once my campaign gets submitted?

Our dedicated team will be looking into the campaign details.

  • If the team finds any issue with details, a feedback is sent to you. Edit the details accordingly and submit the campaign again.
  • If all the prerequisites of the campaign are met, then a message is sent to you mentioning the next steps.

How to change some details in the campaign after submitting for approval?

If you want to change anything mail us at [email protected]

Can I edit my campaign after it has gone live?

Once the campaign is live only the following details can be edited:

  • Short description
  • About the campaign
  • Title of the campaign

If you want to change any other details please mail to support@effortsforgood.org

Getting the funds

How do I receive the funds raised?

Funds are transferred to the bank account mentioned while registering the organisation with EFG.

In how many days will the organisation receive funds raised?

Once the campaign ends, it will take anywhere between 5 to 7 working days.

After receiving funds

Campaign Updates

Efforts For Good recommends campaigners always be in touch with donors through the comment section of the campaign until the goal is achieved on the ground.

All the campaigners should mandatorily update 6 “Campaign Updates” on the timeline.