25-Yr-Old Differently-Abled Man Casts Vote With Foot, Says ‘It’s My Responsibility’

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Image Credits: The Times Of India

The 2019 elections began on April 11 with several states undergoing the first phase of the polling, including Telangana, where, unfortunately, voter turnout was relatively low. However, 25-year-old Zakir Pasha from Asifabad, Telangana, has set a shining precedent to the nation, reminding the citizens about the importance of their Right To Vote.

Pasha, who is differently-abled, does not have two functional hands. Yet, with an iron determination, he overcame all odds to cast his vote using his feet, reported The Times of India.

Even in 2019, the elections in India cannot be termed as accessible for the differently-abled, who often have to face a lot of difficulties to reach their polling booth. Needless to mention, Pasha’s appearance at his polling station in Kagaznagar turned quite a few heads. But, more surprise was waiting for the booth officials as Pasha refused any assistance and cast his vote completely on his own by pressing the button with his toe. He asked the officials to ink his toe and later signed on the document using his right foot.

“It is our right to vote and I exercised it. It’s my responsibility,” Pasha shared with TOI, adding that it was nothing unusual for him.

“I have managed without my hands all my life. I use my feet,” he asserted, stating that since his feet have substituted for his hands for all his activities, voting with his feet is natural for him. Pasha had voted for the first time in the 2018 Telangana State Elections in the same way.

The news of Pasha’s achievement soon circulated widely all over social media, with people profusely lauding his efforts. Netizens on Twitter or Facebook shared his story and hailed him as a role model of democracy in India, urging more people to cast their vote this election season.

Written By – Sayantani Nath

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