Finding Beauty In Garbage: Assam IRS Officer’s ‘Mockumentary’ On Garbage Problem In Dibrugarh

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Dibrugarh, a heritage town in the state of Assam is known as the Tea Capital of India. The city is surrounded by many beautiful locations, tea gardens and the mighty Brahmaputra. However, the city ranked at 257 out of 434 cities in the 2017 Swachh Survekshan survey on cleanliness, conducted by the Indian Government. In 2018, the scenario was far worse as it ranked at a dismal 357 out of 425 cities. Sarbananda Sonowal, who became the CM of Assam in May 2016 hails from Dibrugarh. The present Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi has his roots in Dibrugarh.


“Dibrugarh has become a big garbage bin”

Garbage disposal became a big problem in the city due to fragile civic amenities such as lack of proper garbage bins, toilets or coordinated garbage collection from homes. Besides, there was the apathy of the municipality to clean the city regularly of the garbage generated on a daily basis.

Garbage dump in Dibrugarh

When Satyakam Dutta was posted as the Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax in Dibrugarh, he was surprised to see the menace of garbage pollution in the city. “The entire city of Dibrugarh is in shambles. It has become a big garbage bin, and the municipality has failed. The issue has been taken up by the media and the citizens to pressurise the municipality to clean up the city. But it is of no use. Though the population of the city has increased in the recent years, the infrastructure which was there for the last 10 -15 years has not been upgraded to tackle the waste generation,” Satyakam said to Efforts For Good.

Mockumentary ‘Finding Beauty In Garbage’

To bring more awareness about the garbage disposal issue in Dibrugarh, Satyakam decided to make a mockumentary (satirical documentary) on the garbage disposal issue in the city. He named the mockumentary ‘Finding Beauty in Garbage’. The documentary talks about how the citizens and municipality are nonchalant about the garbage disposal.

Watch the short film here.

Satyakam Dutta

When asked why he chose a satirical style of a documentary to talk about the garbage issue in the city, Satyakam said, “I am inspired by the great Assamese writer Lakshminath Bezbaroa’s literature. He wrote extensively on the Assam’s social issues in satirical ways which made the people here change their habits. Due to his writings, many people stopped using opium. I hope my satirical documentary on the Dibrugarh garbage issue brings some change in the authorities and the citizens.”

‘Finding Beauty in Garbage’ recently won the Best Documentary award in Asia South-East Short Film Festival at Cambodia. It was also selected for screening at Ooty Film Festival, Short and Sweet Film Festival at Utah, USA and Bengals International Film festival.

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