28-Yr-Old Science Grad Farmer’s ‘Agriculture Photography Challenge’ Takes Twitter By Storm

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Among other epithets, 2018 might be remembered as the year of social media challenges that took over netizens by storm. Ranging from the powerful #TimesUp to the dangerous and pointless #KikiChallenge, the eventful year ended only to make way for 2019 to start with the #10YearChallenge.

Amidst the endless hullabaloo online, a beautiful Twitter trend started by a 28-year-old farmer from Telangana went almost unnoticed by many Indians, though it garnered quite some global attention. Narasimha Reddy, a Computer Science graduate, who took up his family profession of agriculture with pride, started the #AgriculturePhotographyChallenge on Twitter, asking people to share their photos of farming.

“I wanted to convey the message that agriculture is not all about dirty hands and feet, backbreaking labour and poverty. I wanted to portray the beauty in working on the soil, which is unknown to most of the urban citizens,” Reddy shared with Efforts For Good.

Who is Narasimha Reddy?

Reddy, who is an avid user of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, goes by the popular username ‘Reddisaab’. A passionate photographer himself, Reddy uses social media to highlight the untold story about agriculture, behind the stereotyped urban notions about it.

Agriculture Photography Challenge
Narasimha Reddy

Most of us hail stories about achievers from farmer families, who made a mark in fields like engineering, medicine, law or any upmarket business. But Reddy tells a different story. “I know so many youngsters who want to pursue farming as their vocation. They want to apply their scientific know-how in the fields. But, their families pressurise them to join IT jobs,” reveals Reddy.

Agriculture Photography Challenge

To highlight the true essence of farming, Reddy started the Facebook page Vyavasayam / Agriculture వ్యవసాయం, which has more than 9000 likes. The page not only showcases the lush green paddy or the ripe harvest glistening in the sun but also aims to motivate farmers with inspirational quotes. 

Agriculture Photography Challenge

In fact, his page also acknowledges the immense contribution of women farmers, who are the most overlooked of the lot.

Agriculture Photography Challenge

Reddy soon took his mission to other social media platforms, hoping to give recognition and identity to the farmers. The dynamic, young farmer has an eye for finding charm in the simplest everyday objects – be it the morning chai or a bunch of unripe groundnuts. His photographic brilliance speaks for itself in each of his pictures.


Reddy started the agricultural photography challenge on Twitter in November 2018, mentioning the deadline as December 31, 2018. But, the challenge got so popular in and outside India that it is still trending on Twitter. “I do not want this to fade into oblivion like those other challenges. Rather I would request to all your readers to please share their farming photos with the hashtag #AgriculturePhotographyChallenge,” he appeals.

In his first tweet on this challenge, he nominated Andrew Fleming, the British Deputy High Commissioner in Telangana who sportingly took up the challenge. Thereafter, hundreds have responded to the challenge, filling the Twitter world with beautiful farming photos, be it cultivators toiling in the sun or someone’s backyard farming on a small plot.
Efforts For Good presents some of the best photographs that surfaced through this challenge.

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