Delhi Govt Launches Bike Ambulances For Faster Emergency Response In Congested Areas

Image Credits: AAP (Twitter)

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On Thursday, February 7, Delhi government launched the first bike ambulance service in the national capital, aiming to provide faster and better healthcare to the citizens. The bike ambulances, christened as ‘First Responder Vehicles’, can facilitate faster emergency medical care in congested locations and at peak hours of traffic.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Health Minister Satyendar Jain flagged off the initial fleet of sixteen bikes at the inauguration event.

This will reduce response time in J.J. clusters

The bike ambulances are equipped with all the basic requirements for emergency response including first aid kits, portable oxygen cylinders, air-splints and dressing supplies. To aid the riders, who are trained to provide immediate medical attention, GPS and other communication devices are also provided with the motorcycles.

These vehicles are targetting to reduce the emergency response time in overcrowded areas and J.J. clusters (slum areas) in East, North-East Delhi and Shahdara.

Speaking to The Times Of India, CM Kejriwal commented that this was a big step taken by the government for the Delhi residents. “Till now only big vehicles were available for ambulance services, now these bike ambulances will be able to reach narrow bylanes to provide immediate medical care for people residing there,” he informed, adding that the measure was adopted since the larger van ambulances were unable to penetrate narrow, congested and overpopulated areas.  The project incurred a cost of 23 lakh rupees on the state exchequer, much lesser than the sanctioned amount of 40 lakh rupees.

As of now, sixteen bike ambulances will ply the busy streets of Delhi. The number is likely to increase gradually. The bikes being used have been upgraded with extra windscreen, siren and beacons alongside extra space for keeping medical supplies.

Efforts For Good applauds the government of Delhi for launching such a humanitarian initiative, and we hope many are benefitted through this.

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