Santa For The Heroes: Techies Refurbish Kerala Fishermen’s Boats Damaged In Flood Rescue

Image Credits: The Times Of India

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It would take us a lifetime to suitably honour the immense courage showed by the superheroes of Kerala floods – the Kerala fishermen. When the entire state was reeling under the worst calamity in centuries, these brave hearts did not hesitate for a single moment and put their lives at stake for rescuing hundreds of stranded residents. Blessings showered on them, soon followed by monetary compensation from the Kerala government, which they instantly refused, only proving how deep-rooted their humanity is.

Amidst all the superhuman tasks of rebuilding the entire washed away state, the Kerala fishermen soon faded into overlooked columns of the newspaper. On the other side of the story, their livelihood was met with an unprecedented setback, owing to all the damages incurred on their boats during the floods. In fact, most of the boats were ruined beyond repair and could not be trusted to survive the turbulent sea.

How techies turn Santa

However, techies from Kerala did remember the fishermen and planned the perfect Christmas gift for them. Employees of Thiruvananthapuram Technopark raised funds and refurbished 14 boats which played pivotal roles in saving lives in Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha districts. On December 23, a day before Christmas eve, the refurbished boats were handed over to the fisherman in a low-key yet heartwarming ceremony.

Group of Technology Companies (GTech) and Natana, the cultural organisation of the Thiruvananthapuram techies collaborated to carry out this noble endeavour. Many cannot help but highlight how the IT employees turned Santa for the Kerala fishermen.

Cakes were cut and Christmas carols were sung at Azheekkal beach in Kollam to celebrate the event, which was headed by Anoop P Ambika, former secretary of GTech. The elated fishermen and their families later offered a free leisure ride to the techies in their new boats.

Total 20 boats have been refurbished so far

Speaking to the New Indian Express, Deepu S Nath, managing director of Faya Innovations, shared, “As part of the (flood) rescue mission, we were coordinating with them. After the rescue, we could get back to our jobs, but they couldn’t. Their boats were totally damaged, affecting their livelihood.”

Expressing vehement appreciation for the selfless service of the fishermen, GTech issued an official statement where they informed that the organisation had refurbished six fishing boats earlier in September 2018. This time, they have gathered more funds to restore 14 more boats, taking the total number to 20. The funds, amounting to nearly Rs 1 crore, were collected by GTech via a cultural soirée at Sports Hub in Thiruvananthapuram. It is mention-worthy here that GTech has resolved to offer Rs 25 crore overall for flood rehabilitation.

Efforts For Good applauds this wonderful initiative by the techies of Thiruvananthapuram to stand beside the true superheroes.

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