Life After Death: Organs From This Kolkata Man & Indore Woman Save Eleven Lives

Image Credits(left): The Times Of India

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On December 18, when the news of their son’s accident reached them, parents of 20-year-old Sajal Kar from Kolaghat, West Bengal were overwhelmed with grief beyond consolation. However, even amidst the worst crisis of their lives, they set an inspiring example for the society. Overcoming all societal hassles, they decided to donate their son’s vital organs, saving as many as five lives in turn.

In a similar life-saving incident, 36-year-old Harshita Kaushal from Indore scripted an outstanding gesture of humanity after her organs saved the lives of six. Kaushal, who passed away untimely due to sudden brain haemorrhage, had always expressed the wish for organ donation, her family shared with The Times Of India.

Organ donation is gaining popularity among youngsters

A few years ago, the widely acclaimed movie Ship Of Theseus attempted to spread a strong message about posthumous organ donation within a paradoxical concoction of stories. It showed how a person lives on even after death, not only in memories but also in every heartbeat and every breath of the individuals he/she has saved.

In a much welcome trend, more and more youngsters these days are coming forward to pledge their organs for donation.

Sajal saved as many as six lives

Sajal Kar, a second-year B.Com student, had a fatal bike accident on NH41 on December 18. Poor visibility due to continuous rainfall is being accounted as the cause of the accident. With multiple skull fractures and uncontrollable internal bleeding, the young man had little chances of survival, even after undergoing a critical neurosurgery.

Sajal succumbed to his injuries the following afternoon at Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI), reports The Telegraph. Later that evening, his parents consented for the organ donation. His cornea, liver, heart, kidneys and skin soon reached to patients from all across West Bengal, gifting them a new lease of life. His heart was transplanted into 40-year-old Habibur Rehman, who was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy. His kidneys saved aeronautical engineer Debajyoti Mukherjea, who was awaiting the transplant since September.

Auto-driver Jaypratim Ghosh was slowly losing hopes of recovery, after being diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in 2014 due to his alcohol addiction. Sajal’s liver ended his indefinite wait on a positive note.

Sajal’s corneas and skin were also successfully stored and later transplanted into three ailing recipients. The city saw the creation of three green corridors to transport his organs in time.

“He was a lively boy…We were initially reluctant… but realised he would continue to live on if we donated his organs,” Sajal’s father Sumit Kar shared with The Telegraph. 

Harshita always wished to pledge her organs

Harshita Kaushal’s story is a little different but equally heartwarming. Her death was indeed an unforeseen tragedy. On the night of December 16, she collapsed while trying to escort his elder brother to the hospital when he complained of chest pain.

Harshita, who lost her father to kidney failure around a decade ago, had always advocated organ donation personally.

Her younger brother Anuj told The Times Of India that their father passed away due to unavailability of a kidney in time. “While reading newsprints on organ donation, she used to say that she also wants her organs to be donated,” he shared about Harshita.

Her organs were transported through three green corridors in Indore. In fact, her heart and lungs were flown to Mumbai immediately by air taxi where they saved 27-year-old woman from death. Her liver was transplanted into a 57-year-old man affected by Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Her kidneys saved a 27-year-old man and a 66-year-old senior woman. Presently, her eyes have been securely preserved in MK International Eye Hospital.

Pledge your organs today

Even today, more than five lakh people die every year in India due to unavailability of organs for timely transplant. Though the awareness is rising among the present generation, many still continue to treat such a noble gesture as a socio-religious taboo. Sajal, Harshita and many more proved to us how deep and far-reaching impact organ donation can have. Efforts For Good urges all readers to opt for pledging their organs.  

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