Teachers & Doctors To Become Highest Paid Civil Servants In Bhutan: New Scheme Puts Health, Education At Top

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Image Credits: Savethechildren, The Bhutanese

Health and education are undoubtedly the two strongest pillars for a modern-day democracy to flourish. Time and again we might have come across random social media posts reminding us of the worth of doctors and teachers in a thriving nation. However, in most cases, those are brushed aside as tenets of a utopian society, as teachers and doctors in India still continue to voice their grievances demanding better pay for a dignified livelihood.

While India might still need some time to grasp the idea, our neighbour Bhutan has already set an exemplary precedent by introducing a pay scale where teachers and medical professionals happen to be the highest-paid civil servants. Nearly 8,679 Bhutanese teachers and over 4,000 medical staff would be eligible for his benefit, states The Indian Express.

Doctors get 45% hike, teachers get 35%+10% over basic pay

As per the Performance-Based Incentive (PBI) component of the latest pay hike, MBBS doctors have received a 45% hike on their basic pay while teachers have been offered allowances worth 35%+10% over and above their basic salary. The implementation of the scheme would result in teaching becoming the highest-paid profession in the country.

The pay revision scheme was unveiled in the cabinet on June 5, 2019.

The scheme will ‘overturn’ the bureaucratic hierarchy

A detailed report published in The Bhutanese highlights how this decision can ‘overturn’ the infamous bureaucratic ‘hierarchy’ that had developed over decades in the Himalayan country.

While declaring the scheme, the cabinet stated that the teachers and doctors are overworked but not properly compensated. It also highlighted how teachers play a key role to shape the future of the country while doctors are saving lives day and night. The pay revision was executed considering these factors.

Health workers also come under the ambit of the pay revision. Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering acknowledged their contribution as invaluable. He also declared that healthcare is the priority of the government and they would continue to improve it in every way possible.

Incidentally, Bhutan’s Prime Minister is also a practising surgeon who treats patients for free on weekends and free time.

Efforts For Good take

Despite being a small country with a sparse population of 8.08 lakhs, Bhutan had been consistently making headlines for their exceptional efforts towards development. The country has been championing sustainable developments for quite a long time as well as prioritising the right causes rather than entertaining political propaganda. It is high time that India adopts a lesson or two from their immediate neighbours.

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